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Group Learning and Training

At ACT to Connect we value sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. We have a wide range of group support and training opportunities that allow you, your young person and the key people in their lives, understand the challenges they are facing and help them thrive.

Additionally we provide consultation, professional supervision and mentorship to other professionals with an interest in our work. This includes people who have an interest in working closely with young people within our 1:1 comprehensive models, and those who are seeking certification or mentorship in ACT and Behaviour Analysis. Our school-based services offer support and guidance for pupils and staff in the areas of neurodiversity and emotional well-being.

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Who we help

Our Group Support services provide an opportunity for you, or your child or young person, to learn in the company of others who may be experiencing similar challenges. This is the perfect way to access support from others who know what you’re going through, reducing that feeling of isolation while making the learning experience more engaging, dynamic and fun. These group sessions range from 1.5hr discovery sessions that will give you a taster of a particular topic, to longer weekly group sessions that allow us to delve deeper into the topic and to work with you, or your child, to learn the skills to really make a difference in your child’s life. Topics cover a wide range of areas including Autism, ADHD, Anxiety & OCD and Emotional Well-Being.

Our Professional Training services include school-based consultation and workshops from Early Years to Secondary Level Education. Our School-Based packages range from 1/2 day group workshops to individualized ongoing consultation within one setting. 

We also offer 8-week school support packages for pupils covering concepts important to their emotional wellbeing and development through, fun, experiential learning and explorative group activities.

We provide supervision and mentorship opportunities in the fields of Behaviour Analysis (BA) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). This includes supervision towards certification with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB©) or UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA©) and mentorship of those working in the fields of BA or ACT who would like to develop their skills, seek guidance on particular areas of their work and avail of shared experiences and mutual support.

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Group Support & Training Packages

At ACT to Connect we value sharing our knowledge and experiences with everyone, we also recognise the importance of shared experience, collaboration and social engagement that comes with group and joint learning. We have a range of group support and training packages available.

Discovery Sessions

Our 1.5hr Discovery Sessions are designed to give you some initial knowledge of a topic and some guidance on understanding and dealing with that challenge. We also always welcome your ideas on topics that would be of benefit to you and your child. A list of scheduled and upcoming Discovery Sessions can be obtained by contacting us through any of the ‘contact us’ buttons on the website or our contact page. You can also keep an eye on our Social Media pages and sign-up to our newsletter for regular updates and much more.

Enhanced Learning Sessions

Our weekly Enhanced Learning Sessions are an extension of the Discovery Sessions (although it is not a prerequisite to have attended one) which allow a deep-dive into a topic with expert-led sessions. These sessions are available for you, your child, and for anyone who is involved in their lives who would like a deeper understanding of the challenges they face and how to support them. A list of scheduled and upcoming Enhanced Learning Sessions is available by contacting us through the website, on social media or by signing up to our newsletter.

School-Based Support Packages

As children and young people spend so much of their time in early years and educational settings, we believe it is just as important to support children and the staff who are caring for and teaching them in those settings. We provide staff group training workshops and setting specific consultation trainings from Early Years to secondary level. We also provide a range of fun, dynamic and interactive workshops for students that allow for class-wide learning relating to emotional well-being, development and neurodiversity. If you feel this would be valuable for your staff and/or students please contact us for more details.

Professional Training Services

At ACT to Connect we value collaboration, shared support, and both personal and professional development within our field. Our consultants offer a range of supervision and mentorship opportunities in the areas of Behaviour Analysis and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. As UKSBA and BACB© certified Behaviour Analysts we can provide the necessary supervised practice to work towards certification yourself. As a BA community we also value the importance of working within your scope of practice and as such we provide a range of mentorship packages. Check out the our team page where you can find out more about our consultants, their interests and areas of expertise. If you would like to know more about our supervision and mentorship opportunities please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our sessions cover all the areas listed in the ‘who we help’ section on our website; Autism, ADHD, Anxiety & OCD and Emotional Well-being. Specific topics include

  • Supporting your Autistic Child
  • Supporting your Anxious Child
  • Supporting your Angry Child
  • Growing Resilient: Promoting your Child’s Emotional Well-being
  • Nurturing You: Parental Emotional Well-Being

These sessions involve weekly group workshops, usually over 4-6 weeks, that allow us to delve deeper into a topic. While the Discovery Session covers some basic understanding of a topic, the longer Enhanced Learning Sessions go into more detail, allowing you to relate the information directly to your own experience. You’ll engage in groupwork and interactive activities, putting your newfound knowledge into practice. Weekly assignments will enhance your learning even further.

While we do not provide accredited training towards becoming a behaviour therapist we can certainly assist you in gaining the necessary experience in this area. Many of the families we work with on Focused and Comprehensive 1:1 models, particularly in the area of autism, employ behaviour therapists to work with their child. All necessary training is provided by ACT to Connect once you find a position. Please just get in touch and let us know of your interest and we can guide your next steps.