Julianne Bell


Marie McCrory

Behaviour Therapist


In charge of Morale

Welcome to Act To Connect

We are a team of experience behaviour therapists dedicated to helping kids figure out how to live a life they love.

Our founder began this work 22 years ago and has worked around the world with families providing high quality individualised behaviour therapy and support. 

As a team we are committed to taking a humanistic, developmentally sensitive and trauma informed approach in all our work. Our therapeutic approach draws from a range of evidence based behavioural and developmental approaches such as Behaviour Analysis (BA), Collaborative Positive Solutions (CPS), Behavioural Activation, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) to name a few. 

We provide both in person and online support depending on the services requested, the needs of the individual and the distance from your nearest team member.

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Our Areas of Expertise

 Below are listed some of the populations and areas in which support is commonly needed and in which we have significant experience and expertise. .   Click on any of the links to learn more about the exact services we provide for each category of need.

How Can We help?

There are many different ways in which to support another person to take action in life, below are some of the types of support I provide. Often individuals and families choose to receive a combination of these approaches.


In teaching sessions the therapist will focus more on directly  shaping new skills. Together with your child’s assent we will work on a range of skills that have been identified as proving challenging for them. 


In coaching sessions we will meet with the individual who is facing difficulties. We will  together identify actions that will help reduce the difficulties they face and increase connection with those things that bring them joy.  


In consultation sessions we will meet with caregivers such as parents,  guardians, direct care workers and behaviour therapists. We will provide guidance in how to support, encourage and teach  skills that move the person they are caring for closer to what they value in life.


In assessment sessions we will identify what are your (or your loved ones) strengths and challenges.  In addition we will aim to pinpoint what are the root causes of those challenges so as to more effectively support the changes you wish to see in your (or your loved ones) life.

How to Get Started?

As all the work I do is individualised it is not possible to just have a simple “sign up here” button but I have kept the process as simple as possible.


Tell Your Story

You can click here to write to us via the contact us page.  When you write you can give a basic summary of the difficulties you or your loved one are experiencing.  Alternatively you can call or text via our phone number (0044) 7769945214 or email on julianne@acttoconnect.com



I will follow up to arrange an initial free consultation where we can discuss in more depth your experiences and discuss which model of support is most likely to meet your needs. Further, in which setting we will meet – online, in home or in the community – and the frequency at which we should meet.  At this point I will send some paper work through summarising all we discussed for your agreement.


Assessment of your needs

Once you feel ready we will start meeting.  Our initial sessions will be for me to get to know you  (or your loved one) and through assessment in various forms gain a more in depth understanding of your actual needs and how they are impacting every day life.


 Act to Connect

We will acknowledge and celebrate all the seemingly small but potentially life changing steps you have already taken to get this far.  We will then identify, based on assessment, what are the simplest and most powerful actions we can take to get you closer to where you want to be in life and how to go about bringing these actions into your daily life.  We will track progress and frequently check in to identify if we are moving in the right direction.