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Marie McCrory

Marie McCrory

Behavioural Therapist

I have more than two decades experience of living with, loving, working with, and striving to help neurodivergent individuals overcome their challenges and live the lives they long for. I am accepting, respectful, and frequently in awe of their differences, and am a passionate advocate for all neurodiverse learners.

With a BPhil Autism and a MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis, my areas of special interest and expertise are anxiety, executive functioning, and social skills, and I’m forever trying to better understand clients’ difficulties and how best to help them; I can’t get enough of learning! It is my vision to ensure that neurodiverse children and young people enjoy learning, grow in confidence, and acquire the skills necessary to become the adults they aspire to be.

I have extensive experience volunteering within the community and working within the secondary school environment to support autistic young people and their parents, leading initiatives to connect peers socially, and am a certified PEERS® Social Skills for Adolescents provider.

When not geeking out over the above, I love music, running, reading, sewing, and knitting, and like to do something creative every day.