Autism and Other Developmental Differences   

For some time now Developmental Differences have been the focus of research with groups of individuals such as Autistics,  those with ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability, Down syndrome or Fragile X  etc.  It has been found that in these groups development of the Central Nervous System (CNS) takes a different course than the general population.   

Sometimes this different course supports a variety of unique and wonderful ways of interacting with the world.   In other cases these differences in the CNS contribute to significant impairment for the individual in motor function, learning ability, communication, social interaction, language comprehension etc.   Behaviour Analysts (my speciality) are one of the various professional groups who have  knowledge which can support skill development and improved quality of life for those individuals who experience greater impairment.

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Additional Information for Parents / Guardians

Free Initial Consult


Before beginning any services a 1 -2 hour free initial consult will be provided in which to understand your loved ones needs and whether our services are best suited to meet those needs

In Person and Online Services

At this time services are a combination of in person and online.  In person services have the advantages of both modelling and hands on coaching.  Online services have the advantage of more discrete and convenient coaching and consultation.



When services are online there are certain practical requirements for successful services such as high speed internet, at-least a smart phone but ideally a laptop or tablet for the larger screen.

Behaviour Analytic Therapy

Our model combines knowledge and experience supporting Autistic Individuals and behaviour support, with neurodiversity advocacy, developmentally sensitive models, so as to provide support for individuals with delays across any number of different developmental domains such as,


  • communication 
  • attention
  • cognition
  • academics
  • self preservation
  • self advocacy
  • independent living skills
  • decision making
  • executive functioning skills
  • socio-emotional development


 We will provide any training, curriculum and resources required through consultation and coaching. 

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What is provided?

Comprehensive Training, curriculum and resources are given to all caregivers (parents, guardians, direct therapists) to support and guide learning in a range of areas of development.  Further, any unsafe behaviours will be addressed through individualised behaviour support strategies


Who Provides therapy

In this model typically we provide coaching and resources to either a child’s parents, or other significant caregivers, or a trainee behaviour therapists who provide the bulk of direct therapy.  We also provide direct therapy when appropriate.


What is involved?

You, as parent /guardian, will aim to ensure that your loved one is accessing certain number of direct teaching therapy hours per week to practice the skills discussed in consultation and to gain maximum benefit from the time, training and resources you will receive from me.


 hours of therapy


It varies significantly from family to family and child to child. For some children a few hours of structured play based therapy with a family member or the behaviour therapist will be enough. For some children, where the majority of learning happens in therapy, many more hours may be needed.